Transcription factor:


Factor type Unique(CIRCE)
SubtiList BG10662
Consensus seq. TTAGCACTC---------GAGTGCTAA
Comment the promoters of class I heat-inducible genes are sigA-dependent and have an inverted repeat, called the CIRCE (controlling IR of chaperone expression) element, which is highly conserved among eubacteria
heat-shock and general stress responses are reviewed in Hecker, M. et al., 1996

Promoter Sigma Regulation Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Exp. Author Year
dnaK sigA Negative +5:+31 TTAGCACTCGCTTATTGAGAGTGCTAA SDM HB Zuber U, et al. 1994
groE sigA Negative +5:+31 TTAGCACTCTTTAGTGCTGAGTGCTAA HB GS Hecker M, et al. 1996