Transcription factor:


Factor type NtrC/NifA
SubtiList BG10723
Comment NtrC/NifA transcriptional activator (cf. LevR)
sigma 54-dependent activators generally bind two inverted repeat sequences called UAS, which are located approx. 100bp upstream from the -12/-24 promoters
DNA bending is used for activation (AhrC may be involved)
inducible by ornithine or citrulline?
at least upstream UAS1 is the target of RocR

Promoter Sigma Regulation Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Exp. Author Year
rocA sigL Positive -178:-158 TCCGCAAAATAATTTTGCATT  DP DB Calogero S, et al. 1994
rocA sigL Positive -134:-114 AACGCAAAATAAATTTGCGTT  DP DB Calogero S, et al. 1994
rocD sigL Positive -130:-110 TATGCAAAAGAATTTTGCACT  DP HM Gardan R, et al. 1995
rocD sigL Positive -89:-69 ATATCAGAATGTTTTTGCACC  DP HM Gardan R, et al. 1995
rocR sigA Negative -30:-50 TATGCAAAAGAATTTTGCACT  DB PE Gardan R, et al. 1995