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1. Upstream intergenic conservation search
This tool presents hexameric motifs found to be conserved to different extents between genus-based clusters of upstream intergenic regions of homologous genes from Gram-positive bacteria.
Conservation search

2. Bacillus subtilis Motif Location Search
This tool helps finding locations in the Bacillus subtilis genome matching a position specific scoring matrix calculated from the user-given list of motif sequences. For each position, the two nearest upstream and downstream open reading frames are also reported.

Detail Search

1. Keyword Search
Search Type Promoter Transcription Factor


2. Weight Matrix Search (by sequence)
Transcription Factor Type Sigma All Clear
Transcription Factor AbrB AhrC AraR BkdR CcpA CodY ComA ComK CtsR DegU
FNR Fur GlnR GltC GltR Hpr HrcA IolR LevR LexA
MntR Mta PerR PucR PurR ResD RocR SigA SigB SigD
SigE SigF SigG SigH SigK SigL SigW SigX SinR Spo0A
SpoIIID TnrA Xre Zur
Threshold (p-value) 1% 5% 10%


3. Weight Matrix Search (by weight matrix) example
Weight Matrix


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