Regulated Operon: eps

Genes Synonyms Direction Genome position Function COG ID Conserved groups
yveK epsA - 3528181..3528885

yveL epsB - 3527492..3528175

yveM epsC - 3525437..3527233

yveN epsD - 3524280..3525425

yveO epsE - 3523447..3524283

yveP epsF - 3522300..3523454

yveQ epsG - 3521200..3522303

yveR epsH - 3520141..3521175

yveS epsI - 3519060..3520136

yveT epsJ - 3518029..3519063

yvfA epsK - 3517703..3518032

yvfB epsK - 3516516..3517553

yvfC epsL - 3515911..3516519

yvfD epsM - 3515264..3515914

yvfE epsN - 3514093..3515259

yvfF epsO - 3513146..3514114


Operon evidence: Genome analysis. Transcriptional fusions of lacZ to the yveK and yveM upstream regions indicate that yveM does not have its own promoter (D. Kearns, personal communication). However, Northern blotting experiments by Yoshida show a 1.2 kb yveKL transcript, which may be due to a readthrough terminator downstream of yveL. Note that yvfA and yvfB constitute one gene (epsK); this gene is listed as two ORFs due to a sequencing error (Kearns et al).
Reference: Yoshida K, et al. (2003), Kearns DB, et al. (2005)


Regulation Location Absolute position Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
SigA Promoter -44:+6 3529906..3529955 TTTTGCAATTTTTAAATAATAACGTTTTCTTTTATAATCCAATCATTAAC Kearns DB, et al. (2005): PE
SinR Negative -163:-124 3530036..3530075 TCGTTATTTCGTTCATTATAAGGAATTTTTCGTTCTTTAT Kearns DB, et al. (2005): GS FT RG
SinR Negative -73:-48 3529960..3529985 TTTGTTCTCTAAAGAGAACTTATTGG Kearns DB, et al. (2005): GS FT RG


No Data


Upper Region

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