Transcription factor: SinR

Factor type Xre
SubtiList ND
Consensus seq. ND
Comment dual-function regulator which is essential for the late-growth processes of competence and motility and is also a repressor of others, e.g., sporulation and subtilisin synthesis. Might be a leucine zipper protein. In aprE there are two binding sites and SinR binds more strongly to the distal site, which contains two dyad symmetry sites
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
aprE aprE SigA Negative 1105846..1105891 -265:-220 ATTGTTCTCACGGAAGCACACGCAGGTCATTTGAACGAATTTTTTC Gaur NK, et al. (1991): DP GS FT
Olmos J, et al. (1997): DB RG
Ogura M, et al. (2003): DB RG
epr epr SigD Negative 3939434..3939466 -407:-375 CGGCCCACTCGTTCCCAAACACACTCGCCATGA Kodgire P, et al. (2006): DP RG GS DB SDM
rok rok None Negative ND ND ND Hoa TT, et al. (2002): RG DB
Hahn J, et al. (1994): DB
Van Sinderen D & Venema G (1994): RG DB; Western blot
yqxM-sipW-tasA yqxM SigA Negative 2555359..2555387 -80:-52 TGAAAACATTCTTTTAAACGAACAAAATG Chu F, et al. (2006): RG GS FT
yqxM-sipW-tasA yqxM SigA Negative 2555281..2555311 -4:+27 TTGTGAAGTTCTTTAAAGAGAACGATTGTCA Chu F, et al. (2006): RG GS FT
eps yveK SigA Negative 3530036..3530075 -163:-124 TCGTTATTTCGTTCATTATAAGGAATTTTTCGTTCTTTAT Kearns DB, et al. (2005): GS FT RG
eps yveK SigA Negative 3529960..3529985 -73:-48 TTTGTTCTCTAAAGAGAACTTATTGG Kearns DB, et al. (2005): GS FT RG

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