Transcription factor: XylR

Factor type NagC/XylR
SubtiList ND
Comment repressor of xylAB operon. Exists upstream of the operon in the opposite direction. Xylose is the only molecular inducer of the repressor; the operator seems to consists of two tandem overlapping operators spaced by 4bp (see M.K.Dahl et al., 1994).
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
xylAB xylA SigA Negative 1891802..1891841 -5:+35 AAAATAAGTTAGTTTGTTTAAACAACAAACTAATAGGTGA Hastrup S (1988): Genetics and Biotechnology of Bacilli, Vol. 2, pp. 79-83: HM
Gartner D, et al. (1988): RG HM
Kreuzer P, et al. (1989): DP RG DB
Gartner D, et al. (1992): SDM GS FT RG
Dahl MK, et al. (1994): GS FT SDM
Dahl MK, et al. (1994): GS
xynPB xynP SigA Negative 1887028..1887065 -3:+35 GTCAAGTTAGTTTGTTTGATCAACAAACTAATGAAATG Hastrup S (1988): Genetics and biotechnology of Bacilli, vol.2 p.79-83: ND
Kreuzer P, et al. (1989): HM
Galinier A, et al. (1999): RG

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