Transcription factor: Mta

Factor type MerR family
SubtiList BG12482
Consensus seq. ND
Comment The N-terminal domain of Mta(MtaN) acts as a constitutive activator of the transcription of bmr and blt genes.
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
blt-bltD blt SigA Positive 2716095..2716116 -35:-14 GACTATACGGTAACCATATACC Baranova NN, et al. (1999): NB FT
bmrU-bmr-bmrR bmr SigA Positive 2493784..2493805 -35:-14 GACTCTCCCCTAGGAGGAGGTC Baranova NN, et al. (1999): NB FT
mta mta SigA Positive 3763956..3763978 -35:-13 GACCCTAACGTTGCGTGATTGTT Baranova NN, et al. (1999): NB FT
ydfK ydfK SigA Positive ND ND ND Baranova NN, et al. (1999): NB

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