Transcription factor: YycF

Factor type ND
SubtiList BG10001
Consensus seq. TGTWAH-NNNNN-TGTWAH where W = A|T; H=A|C|T
Comment essential gene; transcribed during exponential growth and shut down at the entry into stationary phase (Spo0A-independent); modulates expression of ftsAZ; similar to two-component response regulator [YycG]
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
ftsAZ ftsA SigA Positive 1595675..1595707 -70:-38 TTATTTTTTGTTACACACTTGTAAAGCCACATT Howell A, et al. (2003): GS FT
Fukuchi K, et al. (2000): RG DP GS SDS-PAGE
yocH yocH SigA Positive 2093064..2093093 -80:-51 TCCTTCATGTAAAGGAACTGTAATCTAAAT Howell A, et al. (2003): GS FT
ykvT ykvT None Positive 1447586..1447617 None TAACAGGTGTAAATAAAATGTAAAGTACCAAA Howell A, et al. (2003): HM FT
tagDEF tagD SigA Positive 3680268..3680298 -177:-147 CAAAGGATTAACATTATCTTTACATTAAATT Howell A, et al. (2003): HM FT

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