Transcription factor: YvqC

Factor type ND
SubtiList BG14133
Consensus seq. ND
Comment Two component system: yvqE/yvqC (LiaS/liaR) responds to perturbations of the cell envelope induced by lipid II interacting antibiotics such as vancomycin, ramoplanin, nisin, and bacitracin. Jordan S, et al. (2006) suggest a model of three component signaling system (LiaFRS) which integrates both positive and negative feed back loops to transduce cell envelop stress signals. (LiaF, putative a membrane protein, is a potent negative regulator of LiaR-dependent gene expression.)
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
yvqIHGFEC yvqI SigA Positive 3399006..3399035 -80:-50 TGCGAGATACGACTCCGGTCTTATATAAAA Mascher T, et al. (2003): DB,HB
Mascher T, et al. (2004): DP (This result shows candidate region which has two direct repeats, ATGGG{TCCGGT}GCGAGATACGAC{TCCGGT}CTTAT, at -89:-56.)
Jordan S, et al. (2007): FT,RG
yhcYZ-yhdA yhcY None Positive 1008562..1008591 -80:-51 TTTTTCTCATCCAAAAGTCTGAAAGAAAAT Jordan S, et al. (2006): DP, PE, RG, SDM
Kobayashi K, et al. (2001): AR

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