Transcription factor: YraB

Factor type ND
SubtiList ND
Consensus seq. CTTAAAG-N4-CTTTAAG
Comment Nguyen TT, et al. (2009) speculate that AdhR is redox-regulated via thiol-(S)-alkylation by aldehydes and that AdhA and YraA are specifically involved in reduction of aldehydes and degradation or repair of damaged thiolcontaining proteins respectively.
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Operon Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
yraB yraB SigA Positive 2755828..2755868 -40:+1 AGCTTGACTTAAAGTTAACTTTAAGTGTTACCTTCACAACA Nguyen TT, et al. (2009): GS DB
yraC yraC SigA Positive 2755913..2755954 -40:+1 ACTTGCCTTAAAGCACACTTTAAACTCTATACTTCTCCATGC Nguyen TT, et al. (2009): GS DB
yra adhA SigA Positive 2756199..2756240 -40:+1 CCCTTGCCTTAAAGCAGACTTTAAGGTTTATCGTTATGTTGA Nguyen TT, et al. (2009): GS DB

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